September 8, 2012

Review/Swatch: Pinkie Swear Lipstick in LP-04

Hello ladies! Today's blog would be another review/swatch on Pinkie Swear's lipstick in LP-04, a product I'm certainly loving right now! I know. I'm giving way too much attention on lippies, but since its my current favorite lipstick, I just thought I'd share it to you. You might even thank me for it! So anyway. About Pinkie Swear. If you haven't heard of the brand yet, and I believe most of you haven't, they are the sister company of James Cooper and they recently opened a counter in Megamall about four months ago, more or less. Do correct me if I'm wrong cos I have a pretty bad memory! Hehe. So on to the review.

So the product itself is housed in a really cute pink box, something I would never ever miss considering I love the color so much!

I love that the tube takes in a color of black, while the company's name is printed in pink. The two colors combined is just super stylish for me so thumbs up for that. It also comes in a unique shape of a pinkie which I loove just because I haven't owned anything like this before. What ith its shape and all. 

I wish their lipsticks came with names instead of just codes and numbers. I think people will remember their products better if they had names, don't you think? But on a different vein, as long as the products have something to deliver, then I wouldn't mind it at all. Its just something to think about anyway. Its not that big a deal.

Here's a swatch to show you how gorgeous this shade looks like:

For me its more of a coral shade than it is a red. Maybe a little hint of red but mostly its just coral. I know I said I hate wearing pigmented lippies to school but I'm willing to make an exception for this! I've been wearing this to school for about a week now and all it gives me is that brightened up look I've always wanted. My secret? BB cream + this lippie right here!

                                               Here's how it looks like in natural lighting:

And here's how it looks like with flash:

What I love about this product: 

Its super affordable at 149php
Doesn't dry out my lips
Lasting power is pretty good too
Very easy to apply, glides on smoothly 

What I hate about this product: 

Honestly, there's not a single thing I dislike about this lippie! 

My rating: 

A perfect 5/5! 

Would you buy this again? 

Definitely! I think I may have found my perfect coral shade in this lippie! YEY! 

Who would you recommend this to?

If you're in the look-out for a decent coral shade that is budget friendly, then this one's for you! And if not, you can always check out their other shades, all 6 (more or less) of them. 

Thank you for reading my blog! See you on the next one dearies! 



  1. That's a pretty good review there dear! ^^, I really love the color and will definitely try them considering they are pretty affordable. Can I ask if this lippie transfers or smudges?
    Thanks! ^^, Thank you also for following my blog. ^^,

    1. You defnitely should try them! This shade particularly. Well, this lippie isn't exactly smudge proof but it will stay put as long as you don't drink or eat. :) Hope this helps!

  2. Have you tried the PS cream foundation? I am starting to love this brand! :) The lip color looks great on you. Thanks for sharing this too. It's super affordable and the quality is great.


    1. Hello Maggie! Thank you for visiting my blog! The color pay off is indeed great, and for its price I've got nothing else to say to it! I haven't tried their cream foundation though, but I will check it out on my next visit to the mall. :)