April 1, 2014

My Thoughts: Daiso Cosmetics

I have been forever curious about the cosmetics from Daiso. I occasionally see them in both local and foreign blogs, and even though there isn't a lot of hype surrounding it, the perpetually curious person in me decided to give them a shot. It was quite a risk for me, obviously, because the sound of an 88php ($1.97) eyelash curler is not as comforting (or encouraging) as compared to, say, Shu Uemura's curlers priced at around 800-1000php here in Manila. 

But what have I got to lose, really? Who knows, I might actually end up liking some of them. So, for a start, I got these three cutesy little things. I happen to be a huge fan of Japanese cosmetics myself, not as much as Korean cosmetics though because the former is on the pricier side.. (yes, Lunasol, I'm looking at you) So I was quite thrilled to find these at such a bargain of a price. 

I'm not really sure what to call this blush on because it did not come with a decent name. All it said that I could understand was Pink Color, but all that aside, I still think this is a good blusher because it includes all the colors I could think of that would not clash with my skin tone. I don't use the highlighter separately because sadly, it does fall out, so what I do is that I just swirl my blush brush and use all the colors in the pan as a whole. The effect is really nice because I get a natural looking color with a tinge of highlight for that healthy & glowing skin. 

The packaging is really nice and has a very sturdy feel to it too, which I was not at all expecting coming from something cheap. But sometimes, you really don't get what you pay for. Haha! Honestly, this blush on is up in ranks with my beloved high lighter from Etude House sans the hefty price tag. 

The wear time is pretty decent, with very minimal to no fading at all. It isn't very pigmented though because only two colors are matte and the others are high lighters. If you don't mind building it up to your preferred coverage, or if you have porcelain (almost glow in the dark) skin tone and you're afraid of uber pigmented blushers, then this is a good choice for you because it gives off such a natural looking flush. 

I have mentioned in this blog several times that my number one, go-to brow kit is from E.L.F. I love it so much that I'm on my second kit now. But that doesn't mean I'm closing the door on others. There are days when pencil types come in really handy because of their ease and quick of use. That's why I always have one or two of them around because you never know when you would only have 5 minutes to do your make up. 

I'm not really fond of the retractable types because even though it saves you from sharpening now & then, it still has a huge tendency to break because of how thin and fragile the product is. 

I really find this eyebrow pencil decent and even though I sweat a lot, it manages to stay put and does not run off like a cheap eyebrow pencil would. It is brown with a touch of red in it, something I would normally stay away from, but the minute I used it, I am totally a convert. 

Seriously, how glamorous does this eye curler look?! This can even pass up as something high-end, if you ask me! It doesn't look cheap at all, and the best thing is, it's GOLD! Just kidding, it also comes with an extra rubber pad so you get to use it longer. 

Perhaps my only beef about this is that I feel like it's not wide enough to cover the rest of my lashes, so I have to do it twice in order to curl the whole of it. I also find myself going easy because if done in haste, I can easily end up bruised because it does pinch reaaaal bad!  But I can't really ask for more because it's cheap and does the job. 

I say if you have worked with tons of eye curlers in the past and therefore, know your way around them already, then this is something you can count on to do the trick for you. If, however, you're a beginner and is simply starting to discover the wonders of eye curlers, be careful with this one & always, always work your way in caution. 

So immediately, even without mascara, you can see the big difference this eye curler makes! The process is quite a challenge if you're a first timer, but once you've nailed it, the results are amazing. One coat of mascara usually does the trick for me if I'm pegging for a more natural look. So far, I'm in loove with this eye-curler xx 

And here is my FOTD using all three. 

Sorry if some of my blemishes are still peeking through. I only used a BB cream under this so it wasn't able to cover much. But as you can see, the blush looks very normal on my skin and doesn't make me look clownish. The eyebrow pencil is rather decent as well, and is in synch with my hair because it has a bit of brown in it. The eye curler is of course, another love. <3 

So there you have it! See you on my next post.. as always <3

JEM :)