May 14, 2013

Review: ELF Eyebrow Kit in Light

In all honesty, I hate doing my brows. I don't hate-hate them, its just that no matter how many times I try and practice, it just doesn't come out the way I want them to come out. What is it that they always say, "Its not you its me?" Yeah well that's precisely how I feel about my brows! Its not the stuff that I use - the brow kits, eyebrow pencils, etc, ITS ME! -_-

They look alright, mind you - groomed is what I would call it,  but I just can't seem to perfect those highly defined brows that just... ya know, POP. And helpful as those videos are on YouTube, they can only do so much. The rest is still up to me.

I swear in this moment I can hear my best friend's favorite phrase:

"Practice practice din pag may time!"  Haha! :) Oh I do miss her already! Summer's about to end and I'm just happy I'm going to see my college friends again!

So anyway! The obvious reason why I'm talking about my brows is because today I want to share to you my current favorite brow kit from ELF. This is available in most SM department stores, Landmark, and Watson's outlet nationwide so if you haven't tried anything from ELF just yet, this is a perfect product to start with. It is super affordable at 249php ($6.04) which is really great for those who are on the budget, but still want a good quality make-up.  

  It comes in a simple, black flip-top packaging that comes with a mirror which is really perfect for on the go girls like yours truly because then you wouldn't have to worry about bringing a separate compact mirror when travelling. Saves time AND space in your make up bag! 

 So you basically apply the wax first (the one on the right), and seal it with the brow powder afterwards. The applicator that it comes with is also very functional and I myself have used it on several occasions and have no complaints so far. Although I still  prefer my angled brush from Marionnaud just because its tip is softer, and therefore glides easier on my brows.   

Now here's how it shows on my brows: 

It still comes off pretty dark, but not so dark that its almost black, more like dark brown. 

So quite recently, I colored my hair again to a dark brown so I've been wearing this with Etude House Color My Brows in Light Brown, which I will be doing a review of really soon. So in those cases when I use the brow gel, I skip the brow powder because it has that tendency to look unnatural on me. You can imagine what layering does to make up, yes? And one thing to also love about this brow kit is that when applied, it is sure to last you the whole day. Well, maybe not exactly 24 hrs but for the whole day that you have to be out anyway.  

And for those of you who do not know it yet, I live in a tropical country, and lately its been crazy hot around here. So the fact alone that it was able to withstand the scorching weather here in Manila is enough reason for me to keep repurchasing this. I've had this since last semester (around October) and I still have some of it left so that's 7 months in total! Not bad , huh! 

Here's another picture. I'm using it with the Etude House Color my Brows in #2 that's why it appears a tad bit lighter on the picture.

I'm sorry for my super bilog face! Hehe! :) 

And another one! Last na to promise! xx


AFFORDABLE (249php or $6.04) 


I honestly have nothing bad to say about this! 





How about you guys? What's your favorite brow kit as of the moment? Let's talk!