September 19, 2012

Review: Skinfood's Peach Sake Pore BB cream in #2

Hello my lovely readers! Today would be a review about this BB cream I'm currently using, which is Skinfood's Peach Sake Pore BB cream in #2. You may or may not yet already know this, but I am head over heels in love with BB creams! So much that I would put them next to lipstick, which is my number one favorite cosmetic. Isn't it such a delight whenever you come across a product that works for you? Oh I just want to give whoever invented this a BIIIG KISS! The whole concept of it is pure genius! Imagine the number of benefits it has to offer and all the while giving you your desired coverage (light-heavy) and letting your skin breathe! Definitely not what you'd get from your average foundation, that's for sure! Because as much as I love make up, heavy feel foundations are my number one pet peeve. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one on this. :)

So I was in the look-out for a BB cream that has a light-weight feel to it, but still, is able to conceal minor blemishes and even out skin discoloration. I say "minor blemishes" because I have long accepted the fact that I'm always going to need a concealer. Whatever it is that I choose to slap on my face, I will always need a concealer. Its currently my best friend! Haha!

So anyway, I was really confused whether to get the #1 or #2, because they only have two shades to choose from, but I'm glad I opted for this one instead. This shade looks more right on my skin, and the good thing about it is that it does not oxidize. It did not turn gray on me after a few hours, unlike others I have tried. Among all my other BB creams, this one right here is closest to my skin tone, so yes, its more on the yellow side. I honestly thought this would be a tad bit dark on me as I usually go for the lightest shade whenever I buy foundations, but this adjusted quite well on my skin. I think that's how most BB creams work. They just adjust to your skin tone.

As for the coverage. Well, why don't you just see for yourself?

Its good that it evened out my skin tone, and concealed some of my minor blemishes. But this isn't a full coverage BB cream to begin with, so a flawless finish is just impossible.

And after putting on concealer, and some powder as my finishing veil. 

And some more pictures.

Overall, I love this BB cream. Despite having read mixed reviews about this product, I'm glad I still went on with buying this thing because its become one of my favorite BB creams! Its a light-weight cream, but still does a wonderful job in concealing and evening out your skin tone. The only two cons I see as of now is that 1,  its SPF is lower compared to other BB creams out there. This one contains an SPF of 20 so you might want to wear a separate sunblock underneath and 2, its smell is something I find too much, it has a peach-y scent that can be a little to overpowering if you ask me. But other than those I have mentioned, this one is puuurfect! 

And just another picture after a looong day at school. 

What I love about this product: 
Doesn't feel heavy on the skin 
Has an spf
Covers minor blemishes
Evens out skin-tone
Small packaging therefore ideal for toting around 
Doesn't oxidize (no gray casts whatsoever)
This stays put for a good of 6-8 hours (with touch-ups)
I don't blot as much with this on 

What I hate about this product: 
It dries fast so you have to be pretty quick in applying
Only has an spf of 20
Scent is overpowering 

Will you buy this again? 
Not really.  But I might try other BB creams from Skin food as I've had a really nice time with this one. 

Who would you recommend this to? 
Those who have oily/combination skin. Like I've mentioned before, I have a combination skin but I don't blot as much whenever I have this on. 

Where can I buy this? 
I bought this online from a trusted seller for 500php, including shipping fee. Just a word of advice, don't ever ever buy Korean products in the mall as they are ridiculously overpriced there! When you do buy over the net though,  just make sure you know who you're buying from because they could be fake for all you know. If I remember correctly this is around 950php in the mall. See the difference? 

So there. Thank you for reading my blog. See you on the next one! 

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  1. Hi great review Ms. Jem! I will definitely try this one! :) Anyway, I'm a newbie in-terms of blogging and I really appreciate that you visit and connect to my blog. Thank you so much! mwah!♥:)

    1. Hello there Marian! Yes, its a good bb cream esp if you have oily to combination skin. By the way, thank you for dropping by and I'll definitely check out your blog soon! :)

  2. hi! may i know from which online seller you bought this? sobrang mahal nga sya sa mall, Php975 yata.:(

    1. Hello Amanda! Better yet, I'll give you her number! Yup, OA talaga ang pricing sa mall noh? Anyways, here's her number - 09167805146. Her name is Jessa and she's super friendly! Thanks for the interest dear! :)

  3. Hi Jem, does Jessa's number still active? Thanks! I've been surfing the net for couple of hours looking for a good Vit. c cream or serum because I've read that it's so good for blemishes. I've read your reviews about the GNC's vit. C cream. Did it lighten your pimple scars? I think we have the same skin color with few blemishes as I look at your pictures. It's really annoying! I actually don't like putting on some creams, foundations, etc. though I occasionally put on BB cream. It's nice but sometimes, my face becomes oilier and the color somehow changes. I've tried the In-2-it BB cream. It's nice and doesn't give me breakout. But it dries easily also. I want to try other BB creams. :) I'll read your other reviews, thanks a lot! :))

    1. Hello there Ms. Shiro! I'm truly sorry it took me ages to get back to you but to answer your question, no. GNC is a pretty decent moisturizer for someone who has perfect skin, but if you're looking to whiten your skin or lighten your pimple marks, then I would highly recommend you try HNH's sunflower oil instead. It works slowly, but the point is, it works! It did lighten my pimple marks after a few months of using it religiously, and it also gave me a really nice glow. A bit oily to use though so I only use it during night time. During the daytime I mix it with a light moisturizer and so far so good! It takes awhile but it pays off naman! Thanks for your interest dear! xx

  4. hi! I nominated you at Liebsters Blog Awards