September 4, 2012

Blogged: Mini Haul

Hello there ladies! What's up? Tonight's blog would be just a super quick mini-haul post on the things I got today. So after school, I went to Megamall because I ran out of my usual facial moisturizer which is Myra E. But I ended up buying a different one instead, and then some.

          A friend recommended this to me about a year ago but I was perfectly happy with my Myra E (white tube) moisturizer then. But now I finally have it on the palm of my hands and I just can't wait to share to you my thoughts on this! :)
I must say, it was LOVE AT FIRST SWATCH! Click here for my review on this.. :)

I was supposed to get Tony Moly's pot concealer but they're out of stock so I settled for this instead. I got the one in Almond, w/c is the lightest shade. It has Tea Tree Oil too so we'll see how it works on my acne prone skin. Will review soon!

This is something I got on a whim. But I'm planning to store my make up essentials here so everything looks neat and in place

That's it for today's blog! Talk to you soon!



  1. I can't wait for the review on the ELF lippie.. I've been wanting to have one for myself but I still can't find the shade I like..

    New follower here.. ;)

    1. Hello! My review on that is already up. If you have time, do check it out! Thanks for following back by the way! :-)

  2. How's the careline concealer? is it any good? :)

    1. Hello! The concealing part did not wow me that much. It did not cover anything at all so if you're looking for a heavy coverage concealer, you might not like this one. I'd recommend it to people who has existing acnes because the tea tree oil dries them up. I've tried it and it works really well! It just peels them off! Not bad for a drugstore brand :D

      Thank you for dropping by! :)