September 16, 2012

Rave: Orsypa Champorado Scrub

Hello lovely followers! Today I just want to share to you my new found love on this scrub which I bought just because I feel like my current scrub, which is St. Ives, isn't doing much in terms of exfoliating and getting rid of my blemishes. Well, that's just me though because I know this has worked for so many people. So anyway. This product I'm talking about is from Oryspa and its called Champorado Scrub.

It was only quite recently that I squeezed in scrubs in my skin care regimen, because I honestly thought that scrubs are to be ignored if you have an acne prone skin. I guess its cause my dad always advised me to stay away from them because it has beads than can be a bit too harsh on the skin. So I googled ways on how to have a clearer skin and almost every article that I've read mentioned  a thing or two about exfoliation. So being the curious person that I am, plus an overwhelming determination to get rid of my blemishes, I headed to the nearest drugstore and got myself my first ever scrub, which is St Ives as I have mentioned earlier.
I know that in some way or another, it made my skin better, but I guess I was looking for more so for me it was just an okay scrub. Nothing worth raving about.

So one day I was in the mall because I ran out of music sheets and I urgently need them for an exam tomorrow. After getting them from National Bookstore, I told myself I'm not going to Watson's because for sure, I will go out with a product or two in hand. So I passed by Oryspa's counter instead because I love organic products so much, and the SA started going off about this Champorado scrub and how much good it is as a body exfoliant. She said that their customers have had good results with this and always come back for more of their products. So, who am I to resist? Obviously, I took it home with me!

So upon opening the jar, the first thing that got me was its smell! My gosh, I can just sniff this thing all day long! I let my brother smell it and he actually thought that it was something you mix with food. Funny! So anyhoo, I have been using this for about a week now, every other day without fail, and I can say that my face  has improved. It looks less dull and more brightened up, and that's already saying a lot considering its only been a week!  My face feels softer now and my blemishes definitely lightened to a certain degree. I wasn't expecting much from this product but boy, I just got served! This is a definite must-try for people with oily, and acne prone skin. Even for those with normal skin will find this such a wonderful treat!

A definite steal for only 195php!

And finally. I'm not sure where else you can get a hold of their products but you can always check out their facebook fanpage right here. I buy mine in Megamall, and I think this one's also available in SM North Edsa.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading my blog and I hope to see you in the next one!

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