January 16, 2013

Review: Snoe Beauty Awesome Poresome Microdermabrasion Retexturizing Polish

Hi ladies! Today's post is a review on one of my lovely finds last year. You can find my haul post in here

Anyways! I know I'm a bit late as everyone seemed to have already experienced the goodness of Snoe, but you know what they say, better late than never! So here I am, joining the bandwagon, and about to share to you this product my skin seems to agree with lately. 

First of all, I love how its called "polish" instead of the usual "scrub". It gives you that idea of something gentle and easy on the skin. I have always relied on good ole St. Ives to do the trick when I need to exfoliate but  decided to stop it because it left a nasty scar on my cheek area. It could be because I've gone mad with exfoliation but still, its not supposed to do that, right?  So that's why this polish got me - because it claims to clean out your pores without being harsh on the skin. 

So the key ingredients are: Witch Hazel Extract, Azeloglicina (this is my 1st encounter with this ingredient), and Pineapple Extract. 

I bought this almost 3 months ago, and even though I use this 3 times a week, I still have a lot of product left.  That's because a little goes a long way. And don't be like me. Don't think that the more product you put on your face, the more it becomes effective. Remember, its your skin we're talking about in here so be gentle!


I've been using this for nearly 3 months now, from the day I bought it, up to know, and yes, I can say it does work, just not overnight. Nothing ever does.

 I discovered a way to maximize its use so what I do is prior to this polish, I steam my face for about 5-10 minutes. Don't have a facial sauna at home? Click here. Don't worry, its free!

Now the logic behind steaming is to simply eliminate clogged pores. Its because when you steam, you perspire, which helps cleanse the skin. It improves the circulation in your face which would result to a more glowing and younger looking skin. When you steam you can use pretty much any scrub that works for your skin type, heck you can even use sugar if you don't have a facial scrub at the moment, but this one works great for me and I couldn't be more happier with how my skin looks now! 

This is by far the gentlest exfoliator I have tried that does what it says it would do without being abrasive on the skin. (A shout out to the sensitive ladies out there!) 

I'm happy to report that after three months of using this product, my once enlarged and visible pores are not as noticeable anymore. They are not completely gone, and if I look closely in the mirror, they're still there, but they are not much of a trouble now. My pores definitely improved because I don't oil up as much now, my make up goes on smoother (remember, your make up is only as good as your skin), and I don't break out as often as I used to. 

If you want to see results, and I'm sure you do, you really have to be patient when it comes to testing a product. Give it time. I'm sure something good will come out of it. :)

Do you recommend? 

BIG YES! :) 


I don't see a reason why I wouldn't. It might seem a bit expensive at first (399php or $9.80) but believe me, this jar will last you a loooong time. Its been with me for three months now and as you can see in the picture above, I still have a lot of it left. I think its enough to last me another two months. 

The Bad Bits? 

It would be nice if this had more acne fighting ingredients. Something like Salicylic Acid or perhaps Tea Tree Oil? Anyways, its just something to think about for now. But if that happens, this product would definitely be perfect! 

Another con I see is that this isn't widely available yet. But it shouldn't be a problem because they have an online store. I will provide a link of that below, don't worry! 


How about you? Have you tried this product yet? If not, what's your favorite scrub as of the moment? Would love to hear about it! 

January 15, 2013

Review: GNC Vitamin C Moisturizing Cream

Ever since I was a little kid, my mom already made my brother and I take chewable forms of Vitamin C. I didn't know what it was for then but I take one anyway because it tastes like candy! 

I'm definitely no stranger to this vitamin now because I have been taking one since time immemorial, but it was only quite recently that I discovered the goodness of Vitamin C creams! So today, I can only thank my mom for introducing me to this wonderful vitamin. 

Vitamin C is known for giving protection to the immune system, cardiovascular disease, eye disease, and even skin wrinkling. It is a powerful antioxidant that may help slow down the aging process because as we age, our production of collagen slows down resulting to fine lines and wrinkling. Which is why I'm so glad I stumbled upon this moisturizing cream from GNC, which is not only affordable, but also, does what is says it would do. 

It is basically an oil free moisturizer, which is perfect for those of you who has oily to combination skin. I have the latter so this suited me quite nicely. The scent is a bit overpowering at first but that could be just me because I've always preferred my moisturizers to be fragrance free. However, it doesn't linger for too long and goes away almost immediately. The product I would say has a pretty weird consistency, its like a cross between a cream and a gel, but more like gel. It takes quite a while to sink in, maybe 3-5 minutes, but that's something I don't mind because once it sinks in, it leaves you a really nice canvas for your make up. However, I can't use this alone in the morning because it doesn't have spf on it, so I use a separate one for that, a plus if your foundation/bb cream already has one. 

Here are the ingredients: (Because as usual, I'm too lazy to write it down, haha!) 

1st photo: Upon application 
2nd photo: semi blended 
3rd photo: blended
4th: once absorbed by the skin 

This is a really promising product, and I've just hit pan with it last week. I always wake up to a more supple and glowing skin. But if you're looking for a whitening treatment, this is definitely the last product you should look into because it does nothing but make your skin feel and look healthier. The jar lasted me for about a month with everyday usage, morning and evening, and so far, I don't see any reason why I wouldn't repurchase.

 Its fairly priced at 175php ($4.31) so if it doesn't work for you, use it as a handcream! But I doubt that it won't because its a really nice moisturizer, perfect for an ordinary day here in the Philippines because it doesn't feel heavy at all!

So to sum it all up! 

The Good Bits!
  • Affordable (175php/$4.31) 
  • Locally available 
  • Best suited for those with oily to combination skin 
  • Does not ball up under make up
  • Does not break me out 
  • Oil-free 
  • Manufacturing date and Expiration date included 

The Bad Bits!

  • No SPF included
  • Only available in GNC stores (although it is also available in their online store) 
  • Might not suit those with dry or extremely dry skin. 

To check out more of their products, click here

How about you? Have you tried this yet? If not, what's your favorite Vitamin C moisturizer? Would love to hear about it!