September 2, 2012

Review/Swatch: MandCo Crystal Shine Lipstick in Peachy Pink and Matte Lipstick in Pale Pink

Hello ladies! Today's another review/swatch day from this two products I'm currently in love with. If you were to ask me what my one make up must have, it is without a doubt, a lipstick!! Although you can't do away with wearing just that, unless you have super flawless face then by all means wear it alone, but if your face is as problematic and as oily as mine, you're gonna need more than just that. But even with that being said, it remains my favorite cosmetic. Anyways! On to the review...

I've had these two for a month now and so far I'm loving them. These babies I'm talking about is from a direct selling company called M&co which stands for Milk & Company. According to their website, they are the sister company of Kamiseta and they offer a wide variety of apparels, clothes, shoes, make up and bags. I honestly didn't know they also had a make up line so when they opened up a counter in Megamall (department store), I was hooked! I also have their Silk Creme Foundation and I will do a review on that later. If you want to check out more about their products, click here.


First up is Pale Pink.

I love the packaging of this lippie! Would you believe I only got this for 190php? It looks way more expensive with its sleek silver cap and gold tube. Very sophisticated looking if you ask me.

It also comes with a small pouch, with the the name of the company imprinted on it, so if you have plans of carrying this around, this is a good place to store it in!

 Pale Pink isn't really going to make you look pale, per se. Its actually a nice muted color of pink with blue undertones so its a wearable daytime color for school/office. In my previous blogs, I told you how much I prefer matte lipsticks over glossy ones. I love this because it stays put all day at school, with little or no retouch at all. However, I find this to be a bit drying on the lips so I suggest you exfoliate your lips prior to using this product.

Next up is Peachy Pink. I'm sorry if I don't have separate pictures of this product, I couldn't find its box anymore so I decided to just write my thoughts on it. Now this lippie is from another line which is called Crystal Shine Lipstick. I know I said I preferred matte ones but this one isn't really that bad. I love it for those days when I'm in a hurry, which is almost everyday, and I have to be quick in applying my make up. My only gripe about this product is its packaging. It looks like its going to break easily if I don't go gentle with the tube, which isn't really that surprising since its only made of plastic. But I love the color anyhow!

                                                            Peachy Pink on my lips:

Pale Pink on my lips:

So I tried mixing them up out of curiosity and tada!  

Overall, I love these two lippies and I would even recommend them. The only con I see as of now is its availability. It may be hard for some to get a hold of their products since they're a direct selling company, and aside from Megamall (, I don't know where else they have counters. So you're lucky if you're near the area! :)

Do share if you've tried anything from their line! Would love to hear about it! :)


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