March 19, 2014

My Thoughts: Sleek Pout Polish in Raspberry Rhapsody

Lately I decided to give my lips a break. That meaning no lipsticks for me no matter how nice the formula is. I do wear lipstick everyday and my preference has always been matte because it stays on longer. I just hate having to re-apply every 30 minutes, something that I'd get from a lipstick that has a glossy finish so yeah, my go-to, every day formula is definitely matte. However, my lips can only take so much from such a drying formula and no matter what the brand is, high or low end,  I honestly think that all roads lead to the same direction. So meet my dull, lifeless, and desert-like lips. Sorry, no picture because I don't want y'all to be grossed out but believe me when I say it was hideous.

No better word to describe the condition of my lips two weeks ago and much as I don't want to look back, I still would because I want to share to you this wonderful product that saved my lips from total damage.  

I have high regards for Sleek as a make up brand. I honestly think they are one of the underrated brands in the market today and although it doesn't t make as much clatter the way Benefit, Revlon, or MAC does, that doesn't make them any less of a wonderful and really worth checking out brand. Personally, I think they deserve to have stores rather than just stand-alone counters in department stores because they really have so much to offer to make up enthusiasts such as yours truly. Their blushes are very comparable to high-end brands too which I can attest to so thanks to Sleek, for now I get to let go of my high end ambitions! 

So today allow me to share to you one of my hit finds from Sleek which is called Pout Polish. These polishes come in various shades but I only have Raspberry Rhapsody (956) as of the moment but what a charming name isn't it? It comes in a round pot which I do find bigger than the usual tins that balms are in these days. It is quite full to the brim so I think it would last for about 6 months even with everyday usage. 

I love the smell of this lip polish by the way and even reminds me of the lip creams from NYX, which I know a lot of people love. If you do too, then I think you'll enjoy using this as much! 

The color is a lovely muted pink that is very sheer so when you apply it on your lips, it doesn't appear as pink as on the tin but instead improves the color of your lips. It just adapts to your natural lips and I noticed that the longer I wear it, the more it gives my lips that gorgeous glow. It's even better than "my lips but better" lipsticks because it doesn't take the life out of my lips even after taking it off. It provides the right amount of moist to my lips without the overwhelming sheen that lip gloss tend to give. 

The lasting power is quite poor but not at all that bad in my opinion. It is expected because lip conditioners are not meant to be long wearing in the first place. When it does fade though it fades gracefully and the pink glow is still pretty much there. All that aside, I still think it's a fantastic product because it really did wonders to my lips. No more chapped lips when I wake up in the morning! Exfoliation is a lot easier too and my lips don't bleed anymore in the process.  

I'm in love with this lip conditioner and I don't see trading it for anything any time soon. It hasn't left my make up bag ever since I bought it 2 weeks ago and is now a staple in my kit. Perfect for summer too because it's tinted, it's hydrating, and it has an SPF of 15! Who said sunblock is only meant for the skin huh?! 

Overall, I'm sold! xx 


  • Affordable 
  • Moisturizing 
  • Mimics your natural lip color
  • Gives the lips a gorgeous glow 
  • Improves the condition of the lips with longer use 
  • Has an SPF 15 
  • Contains a lot of product 
  • Travel friendly 
  • Comes with a lovely scent 

  • Not yet widely available 
  • Packaging is rather unhygienic 
  • Not very long lasting 
Where to buy: The Ramp Crossings 
Price: 425php (approximately $10) 
Overall Rating: 4.75/5 
Buy again? YES! But I might try other shades. 

Now check out the lip polish in action! 

So now it's your turn. What do you reach for when your lips are in trouble? Do share! I love learning from you guys xx 

JEM <3 


  1. I like that it is moisturizing but, it tastes bad. :-/

    1. I'm sorry to hear that! I didn't have that problem with raspberry rhapsody though. But yup, it's very moisturizing indeed! xx

  2. I'm glad you got to find something for your chapped lips! Chapped lips are the absolute worst. T_T I want to try Sleek but, as I can only get it online, I'm not sure when that will happen.

    ~nikki ('<>')>

    1. It's an absolute nightmare Nicole! Maybelline lipbalms weren't cutting it for me anymore but I'm glad my desperation to find aid paid off. You should really give Sleek a whirl. I highly recommend this and their blushes. xx