March 5, 2014

My February Favorites!

This is actually the first time I'm doing this and I'm not really sure as to why. Hashtag lazy blogger forever, I know. Le sigh. But I promise, you'll see more posts in the coming days because school has been a lot more forgiving lately, especially now that the semester's about to come to an end, so expect to see a lot of changes around here! So in line with that word "change", here's something I have never EVER done before in this blog - share with you this month's FAVORITES! :) 

Make up favorites: 

May I just apologize in advance for the less than stellar quality of photos going on in here. I'm using an iPad cos my camera suddenly died on me so you'll probably see more of these qualities in my future posts. :)

1. Wet 'n Wild Cover All Cream Foundation - I love this foundation & I reach for it when I want to sport a full coverage face, which isn't necessarily everyday but it does come in handy for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays & whatnot. Wear time is decent but I do have oily skin so if you have normal/dry skin, you'll appreciate this even better. It has a low SPF content too so it really photographs nicely. 

2. Palladio Herbal Foundation Primer - I've already done a separate review on this which you'll find here. Reason why I love this is because it does the job. Period. I have oily skin so this is a total life saver for me because it really does help my foundation/BB cream stay in place all day. With this on, I only find myself touching up ONCE, and sometimes never at all, which is saying a lot given the weather here in Manila. 

3. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #23 - I stopped using this for a while because it's not exactly the most photo friendly base out there, what with its whopping spf content of 42. I went through my stash one day and saw this, used it, and just like that my love for it is rekindled. This is currently my go to, rolling out of the bed base and as you can tell, judging from its appearance, I need to get my hands on a new one! 

4. Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Bikini Pink - Love, love this lipstick to death. It goes so well with my complexion, and I have strong yellow undertones so initially I thought this was going to make me look colorless and ghastly but no, when I tried it on the counter, I knew I had to get this otherwise it's going to haunt me for the rest of my life! I know you get that feeling too! LOL! But this deserves a much thorough review though so do expect that in a few days! 

5. MAC Please Me & Ruby Woo - Please ME isn't really a surprise for me because it's my HG pink lipstick. It's basically that lipstick that I put on when I don't know what to do with my face. Haha! Ruby Woo on the other hand is my HG red lipstick and although I don't wear it a lot just because it's red and grabs a lot of attention, it still is a favorite because it makes me look gorgeous. Haha! Did I just say that? But seriously, I now understand why people talk about this deliriously! 

6. Essence Silky Touch Blush in Babydoll - I reviewed this recently which you can find here. I adore this blush so much that I don't even think about spending lavishly on anything high-end anymore! (sorry Nars & Chanel, ya'all gotta wait!) 

Now on to my Skin Care favorites! 

1. Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Facial Wash - I have oily & acne prone skin and when I started using this, I don't get any pimples any more. Except for when it's my time of the month but otherwise, my face remained pretty much clear! 

2. Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel - There are many ways to use this but I mainly use it to remove my make up. I love it so far. My skin doesn't feel tight, the same feeling I get from a drugstore make up remover, or the sticky feeling I get from expensive/inexpensive cleansing oils. My skin feels like skin, only refreshed and revitalized. I also noticed that my skin looks better now than when I wasn't using this. It's probably the result of a conjunction of a lot of products but this sure has helped me get there. 

3. Botany Works Sunflower Oil - I love this beauty oil and it's probably my most favorite oil, EVER. I have gone through probably six bottles of Human Heart's sunflower oil, but last year I decided to try another brand which is Botany Works. It's fantastic for my skin and yes, it works slowly but the point is, it works. After 2 months, my post acne marks did lighten, they're not completely gone but they're less noticeable now. You can buy this at Sesou counters (Trinoma, Robinson's Magnolia, Rob's Galleria) 

4. Yadah Puregreen Emulsion - I discovered Yadah late last year and since then, I didn't look anywhere else. I told you that I have acne prone skin and this really helped my skin stay clean, clear, and hydrated. No breakouts from this so yup, it's definitely for keeps! Available at Beauty Bar. :) 

Hair Care Favorites! 

1. Human Heart's Nature Moisturizing Conditioner in Mandarin Fresh - This is actually my second tube of this conditioner, the first variant that I got being the vanilla one. I love this conditioner so much that I think I'm sticking with this forever. Results are amazing and you'll see it after the first wash! I didn't like their shampoo though but this is pretty much heaven sent to me. 

2. Instant Argan Glow - You already know about the wonders of Argan oil, how much it is good for pretty much anything else that you can think of - dry hair, dry skin, pimples, acne scars, and what else is there! I mainly use this for my hair though because I have a serious case of dry, frizzy hair. I've been coloring my hair since first year college so this is definitely a hair saver for me. 

3. Pantene Night Miracle Essence - my favorite leave on conditioner for when argan oil seems a bit heavy for me. I use this day or night, for me it really doesn't matter. This is huge surprise for me because generally, I'm not Pantene's biggest fan but this one was a sure hit for me. It feels very light on the hair yet is able to moisturize sufficiently. Love the smell too!   

Favorite movies

Flipped (2010) 

About Time (2013) 

Before Midnight (2013) 

My picks among the bunch that I saw last February! And not because it's the love month, alright! :) 

So how about you guys? What are your favorite ANYTHING last February? Do share! Would love to hear about them! 


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