March 26, 2014

My Thoughts: Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel

Hi guys! How have you been? As for me, it's officially the start of my summer break and I couldn't be more thrilled! I want this 4-month long break to be productive for me so you'll definitely see more posts in the coming days xx

Today I want to talk about this product I've been using for nearly two months now. I bought this on a whim when I visited Nature Republic's store in Megamall. I initially wanted to try at least one of their BB creams but I was overwhelmed with how many they have so I went with this instead. They seriously have the MOST number of BB creams to offer out of all the Korean brands that I know. They have more than 10 if I remember it right and hopefully next time I'll know what to get. 

On to the product.. I'm pretty sure you've seen this around before as it's one of their best selling products. There are many other Korean brands out their who also came out with their version of the Aloe vera gel such as Tony Moly, Deoproce, etc, but I went with Nature Republic because it's the most affordable one retailing at around 245php. 

Above are the many ways to use an aloe vera gel. Definitely a steal given the many things you can do with it and the amount of product that you get, don't you think? 

I mainly use this gel as a make up remover and as a daytime moisturizer/make up base and it's really amazing as both. So far, no breakouts for me! It really is great for removing make up because afterwards, my face just feels refreshed and revitalized as opposed to the tight feeling I would get from a drugstore make up remover, or the sticky feeling I'd get from an oil make up remover. This removes my make up gently and does not strip my skin of its natural oils and instead balances everything out. I think this has improved the texture of my skin as well because my face feels less bumpy now compared to when I wasn't using this yet. 

This  is just in time as a day time moisturizer too because obviously, summer has just landed in Manila. Not a huge fan of summer by the way because one trip to the beach and any bronzer can pass up as a powder for me. Haha. 

 After application of the gel, it would look slightly dewy and takes about two minutes to fully skin in. Once it does though, it leaves my face with a nice and even base for make up. I also noticed that it tones down the redness on my face and also improves the wear time of my make up. I seriously cannot stop looking at my face after application of whatever BB cream I'm using. It just looks sooo darn flawless! Absolutely no trace of dry patches on my face! And that never happens! 

And whenever I feel like sporting a light make up, I just mix this up with a tiny bit of foundation of my liking et voila, home made tinted moisturizer for me! 

Perhaps my only gripe about this product is that it's in a tub making it unhygienic and not travel friendly. I would have preferred it if it were in a tube because then it would be easy to throw in my bag and be on the go. But other than that, this product is perfect for me. And to prove you guys how perfect this is for me, I just ordered two more of these online because I can't imagine running out of it, ever. 

I'm in love with this stuff. Can you tell? 


  • Affordable 
  • Easily available 
  • Lasts a long time
  • An all around gel 
  • Removes make up gently 
  • Improves the wear time of my make up 
  • Makes my make up look flawless 
  • Feels very light on the skin as a moisturizer 
  • Does not break me out 
  • Eases the redness on my face 
  • Can be mixed with any foundation for a home made tinted moisturizer 
  • Improves the texture of my skin 
  • I wish the packaging came in a tube instead but at least with a tub, you really get to use everything up. 
  • Unhygienic because you have to dip your fingers in it. 
  • I honestly can't think of anything bad to say about this product. xx 

Where to buy: Online (eBay, Amazon, Cosmetic Love), Megamall, Trinoma Landmark, SM North
Price: 245php ($5.45) 
Recommend? Yes. 
Overall rating: 5/5

So how about you ladeis? Have you tried this product from Nature Republic yet? Do share your experience with it if you have! Lets talk! xx 

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  1. Hi Jem! Great review! I didn't know they have so many store branches and that you can use this as a makeup remover I might as well try that next time haha I usually use this on my body and soothing cream on my face although sometimes it tends to dry me out anyway thanks for sharing your thoughts ^_^