March 28, 2014

My Thoughts: Essence Silky Touch Blush in Natural Beauty

Quite recently I shared in this blog what my favorite blush is as of the moment, what else but the Silky Touch blush from Essence in the shade Babydoll. After my wonderful experience with it, I went in and bought another shade called Natural Beauty which is what I would be sharing with you guys today. I don't own a lot of blush as of the moment so if you're like me who is just starting to discover its wonders or you're simply a blush-on junkie, then Essence is definitely something for you to check out. 

Natural Beauty is this beautiful, soft, peachy shade with a touch of brown in it. You'll see on the swatch below that it has very fine shimmers, something I would normally veer away from because shimmery blushes do have the tendency to enhance one's pores, but not with this one surprisingly . The shimmers are not that bad, and unless you really zoom in your face to check, it is almost undetectable. You are mostly left with an ever so slightly dewy cheeks that does not look gross or greasy but instead looks healthy and natural. 

True to its name, it really does give my cheeks a "natural" flush. I find this gorgeous to wear during the summer-like months (yes, we only have wet/dry season here in the Philippines), because it adds warmth and life to my otherwise sallow and dull skin. And let's face it, pink, orange, or even red blushes can be quite overwhelming sometimes so yup, this is something I reach for when I don't know what to do with my face. This is the kind of shade that no one can go wrong with and given how universal its shade is, it should work on a variety of skin tones. 

It's also worth mentioning that the longer I wear this, the more it becomes gorgeous on the skin. There's a certain iridescence that it imparts as the day goes on and it sure isn't the product of my oily skin. It just makes you look even more glowing and just pretty. Don't worry, I'll let the pictures do the talkin' from here! :")

So now here's Natural Beauty in action xx 

Sorry if some of my blemishes are still peeking through but as you can see, it looks very natural on the skin! :")

Photobombed by my little Sophie! :") 

Spot the slight dewiness on my cheeks!! It's not so bad, huh? I didn't even use any highlighter at all! What a wonderful, multi-tasking product I've found in this! So which shade of lipstick do you think compliments the blush best? Can't really decide on one so I had to put 'em all here! I'll let you decide for now.. 

So how about you? What's your favorite blush as of the moment? Would love to know, for sure! I love discovering stuff from you guys! xx 



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