December 14, 2013

Max Factor Color Elixir "827" in Bewitching Coral

Christmas is soo around the corner, and what better way to celebrate it than to wear fun, bright colored lipsticks! Which by the way, is a huge breakthrough for me as I don't normally wear loud colors, in fact I am a hardcore lip tint gal, but with the festive atmosphere that comes with the yuletide season, I can't help but take everything a notch higher. That meaning, including something fresh, something different, something perky to my collection of lipsticks!

So today's feature is from Max Factor's Color Elixir line in Bewitching Coral. I was told that this is their best seller along with another shade called Pink Brandy. In all honesty, I'm not very hard to impress so whenever I'm told that something IS a best seller, I'm all ears! I didn't actually decide on this color, and in fact my mind was set on Cover Girl's Fairytale, however, upon swatching the two on my hands, Max Factor's appealed to me more since Covergirl's seemed to give a somewhat neon-ish effect on the lips. I'm not looking for THAT loud a color at the moment, and I doubt it would look flattering too, so I made a safe pick and went with Max Factor's.

Now let's get into the deets with this baby!


I love how elegant the packaging is. There's sort of like a 60's vibe to it which I just adore. Very classic! It is housed in a gold, metallic tube that has sturdy feel to it, and also "clicks" upon closing it, which is great cos it means that it won't come loose easily.

Wear time: 

It has a decent wear time that lasts for around 3-4 hours. Even after eating a hearty meal, the color is still 80% there, which is saying a lot since most lippies just tend to vanish in the center of your lips leaving you with an awful looking line in the corners of your mouth. Terrible right?! This stays put though & might even leave a stain until the next day. Trust me, I know!


The shade I would describe as a hot pink, with the slightest hint of coral to it. The color is very much on the warm side, and surprisingly, doesn't show up as neon as I imagined it would be, thank goodness! I think it depends on how pigmented your lips are, but on me, it looks a bit more reddish towards the end of the day, although the "hot pink" is still pretty much there.

I don't know why I can't capture its real shade but I swear, it's more pink in person.


Pricing here in Manila can sometimes be impossible. I know this is just around 350php in the UK, when converted,  and in here it's like 600php. I understand it's going to be a bit more expensive when the goods get in here but still, if you want to save money, and you know anyone who lives in the US, just list everything that you want and have them buy it for you. You'll save lots, I swear. Because of that, I would say I find it steep. Max factor is supposed to be affordable, but buying it in Manila it becomes somewhat mid-range already so, bohoo.


This lipstick has a vanilla-ish scent that I can't seem to distinguish, but yeah, vanilla is the closest thing I could think of at this point. Its good, but kinda smells old to me. It goes away after application though so it isn't much of a deal breaker for me.

Overall, this is a good lipstick. It stays on pretty much the whole time that I have to be out, and it feels weightless too. I guess that's what I adore about this -- it doesn't feel heavy at all and it's not drying either. But I bet if you had this on the whole day, it will dry your lips out sooner or later so carry with you a lip balm just to be sure. I  haven't encountered that though but hey, we all have different reactions to new products so it pays to be prepared. Perhaps my only beef about it is that it takes some muscle to remove it completely, and might even leave quite a stain :)

Anyway, for comparison's sake, and I guess you could say that these are dupes, here's a swatch of Ever Bilena in Pink Flame and M&co in Peachy Pink. Color wise, they don't go too far from each other, but M&co's stands closest because Ever Bilena is a tad bit pinker than Max Factor's. However, these dupes are not as long wearing, and can be a bit drying as well. But if you don't mind these cons, then go for it. But if you really want to get the bang from your buck, then do your lips a favor and grab Max Factor's instead. Overall, I am impressed. I intend to buy Pink Brandy next which looks like a lovely coral shade! xx

I tried washing my hands with soap after doing the swatches and this is what I got! Told ya it leaves quite a stain! xx

Jem's Rating:  5/5

Have you tried anything from this line? Would love to hear your thoughts on this one! Let me know on the box below! 


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