December 15, 2013

Review: Maybelline Colorsensational So Nude lipstick in NU33s

Call me super outdated but I seriously haven't tried any lipstick from Maybelline yet. BB cream, check. Powder foundation, check. Mascara, check. Lipstick? Only recently, CHECK! I guess it's cause they have too many shades to choose from, and I just can't seem to bring myself to narrow it down to three or five lippies. Looking at them all, I'm like, can I just buy the whole counter please? Haha! I kid, I kid. 

So when Maybelline released their So Nude line, well well, I couldn't be more thankful cause the choices have been narrowed down. I love nude colors, not the ones that make me look paler, but the ones that don't go too far from my natural lip color. Sort of like a "my lips but better" shade. So today's feature is from their So Nude line in NU33s, which I think could do better with a name, don't you agree? 

So now let's dive into the details of this gem right here!


The packaging is pretty standard and is the size of the rest of the colorsensational lippies. The product itself is housed in a transparent, peachy colored cap. It has a sturdy feel to it too and does that "click" upon closing it that let's you know it's not going to make a mess inside your bag. 


Originally priced at 399php ($9.04) but got them for only 279php ($6.29) when Maybelline went on sale. I think they still are so if you have any plans of getting a hold of one or two of their products then now's the perfect time to do so! The sale is nationwide if I'm not mistaken. 


I'm not really that surprised that this has poor wear time since Maybelline is not famous in that area, so I forgave them long before using this lipstick. Plus, it's not advertised to be that way so double okay. 

On me, it stays put for about 2-3 hours WITHOUT eating or drinking. It fades completely after a hearty meal but this is not so much of a deal breaker for me as it is such a breeze to re-apply. 


The shade I would describe as a subtle warm peach with a slightest hint of coral to it. 


The texture is so lovely, it glides smoothly on the lips and finishes off with a bit of sheen to it. I would still suggest you put a balm underneath just to be sure because I used this from day to night and my lips began to feel a bit dry on the 8th hour mark. It should be okay if you're not using it all day but if you are, then use something underneath it. (I love EOS by the way, it's by far the most moisturizing lip balm I've used to date.)


Free from any type of fragrance. 

OVERALL, I am SOLD!!! (Capslock para intense) I wear this a lot to school because it's the perfect MLBB shade for me. It's not the kind of nude that makes me look sick, but the kind that looks so natural and yet so beautiful! I received compliments from wearing this lipstick so NOPE, it's not so nude that it's not noticeable anymore. The texture is also one thing I adore - it's creamy and finishes off with a bit of sheen to it, but nothing like a lip gloss kind of finish so it's nothing I'd be afraid of, really. I actually like it because it creates the appearance of fuller and healthier lips. Can't beat the price too so overall, I would recommend! 

JEM's rating: 5/5 

Can't leave you without pictures so excuse me, makikiraan lang po ang aking fezlak! Lol

How about you? What's your favorite nude/MLBB shade? Let me know on the box below! 



  1. The Maybelline ColorSensationals are very good lipsticks, and you can never go wrong with a nude x

    1. That's true! They're super affordable too!


  2. I agree Miss Coco, Nude lippies are my fav!
    ~Pauline @Kallony