December 21, 2013

Review: Revlon Lip Butter in Cotton Candy and Candy Apple

I know these lip butters have been reviewed a million times already, but as the famous saying goes, "better late than never!" I am so happy to finally be joining the bandwagon and to give you guys my two cents on the much hyped Revlon Lip Butters! I got them two weeks ago on a whim, I was honestly just there looking for a decent hair serum for my ever so dry hair, but then I came across Revlon's counter and found out that they were having a sale. And knowing that they hardly put their best sellers on sale, yup these lip butters sell like hotcakes, I just had to get some for myself! 

I have heard great stuff about these babies which made me even more excited to test drive them. I love the concept of lip butters, it's like a fusion of a balm, a lipstick, and a lip gloss! They also have a wide range of colors too so it's easy to find something flattering for your skin tone. 

As of current, I have Candy Apple & Cotton Candy. 

My experience with Cotton Candy: 

This is a cool, pale pink shade which I imagine would look gorgeous when paired with smokey eyes. It has more shimmers compared to Candy Apple, which I think is because the color is much more lighter and cooler, therefore making the glitters more obvious to the naked eye. It looks paler than the natural color of my lips so unless I'm auditioning for a zombie movie, I don't think I'd pick this up as it ridiculously washes me out. Whenever I use this, I always make sure I have a bit of eye liner going on, and a dash of blush so as to make up for the color lacking on my lips. This is obviously not my cup of tea. I love the product itself, it being a lip butter and all, but I'm certainly not wowed by the color pay off. If you're in the look-out for a lippie to pair with those smokey eyes then definitely check this out. 

My experience with Candy Apple: 

Generally, I'm not fond of red lipsticks. I own two but never get around to using them because I feel like I'd end up looking too made up or something. Candy Apple, on the other hand, is a lovely color which is just right up my alley. The shade is a warm subtle red, which, on my lips appears orangey-red. I've had similar results with a lip tint from Nature Republic shade wise, but obviously, I am much more sold on Candy Apple since it doesn't dry out my lips. It doesn't have a superb staying power but it wasn't advertised to be that way so it's to be expected. This is a great shade for that pop of color because it's not an "in your face" kind of red, very au naturele instead. This is actually my fave between the two!

Overall, I'd recommend these two, but still depending on what you're looking for. Obviously I love Candy Apple more because it doesn't look too intimidating -  perfect for school, running errands, or meeting the girl friends out for lunch. I'd recommend it to you if you are scared of wearing anything red, but aren't closing the door on the shade. Try it, I'm sure you'll love it just as much.  

As for Cotton Candy. I can't fully recommend this toe everyone as it's not flattering on my skin tone (fair skin with strong yellow undertones) when used alone. The color is too cool for my liking, so perhaps it would look better on cooler skin tones. However, shades like this one does come in handy & it's super great if you're wanting to go all out on your eye make up, and therefore have to keep it sweet and simple on the lips. 

Lastly, much as I love the lip butters, they are MAD expensive here in Manila. I wouldn't purchase this for full price in all honesty, but if you have the budget for it, I say go for it and try at least one shade. I recommend you try buying online but do verify their authenticity first before anything else.

And also, revlon lip butters aren't particularly long wearing, it wasn't advertised to be such so I'm willing to overlook just because it doesn't make my lips look hideously dry. If you haven't tried anything from Revlon, now's the perfect time to treat yourself to some as they are currently having a 25% sale on all lip butters. 

To get you started, here are some of the popular shades from this line: 
Peach Parfait, Berry Smoothie, Candy Apple, Pink Truffle, Sugar Plum, Sweet Tart, and Tuttie Fruttie. 

Where to buy: Leading department stores (SM, Landmark, Robinson's) 
Price: Originally priced at 525php ($11.82) but got them for only 393php ($8.85) due to the ongoing sale. 

JEM's Overall Rating: 4/5 

So what do you think of the Revlon lip butters? Is it something that you would buy too or do you already have a similar one in your stash? Do share on the box below! Lets talk! xoxo


  1. I like the Candy Apple! Looks perfect for everyday wear :)

    1. That's true! It's actually my favorite between the two! xx

  2. ohh, i love revlon lip butters too! :) too bad i left most of my revlon goodies back at home.

    1. I love 'em too! Except that they're not long lasting but I really don't mind. Oh that's too bad! Calls for a replacement now I guess! xx