November 22, 2012

Review/Swatch: Revlon Super Lustrous Matte in Pink Pout

I remember this one time when my best friend said to me, " "Alam mo ang hilig mo sa pink lipstick!", which should  translate to "You really do love pink lipstick"! when we were waiting for our German professor last semester.

 Even though that's about 6 months ago, I still remember it all too well because it came from someone who doesn't love make up and yet is able to notice the difference it makes. Don't get ahead of me, my best friend is a girl, and as much as she wants to love make up too, she can't because she has been suffering from skin asthma ever since she was a little kid. Its true though, what she said. I've always had this thing going on for pink lippies because I don't think anyone can go wrong with it! Its such a wearable color that screams fun and brings about the spirit of being young! Talk about instant age lifters!

So enough of that. Let's move on to what this post is all about. A review/swatch on Revlon's "Pink Pout" from the Super Lustrous line.

According to Revlon:

"Beautifully rich matte color glides effortlessly across lips.

 Straight from the Runway shades! Suede-like, cushiony feel 

and with maximum color impact. Beautifully rich shades."

As usual, here are my bare lips for reference: 

The formula of this particular line of Revlon's  is what I would rave about rather than the color pay off. Because even though it has a matte finish, it doesn't leave my lips looking flat out and dry. Its not exactly moisturizing but its not drying either. This is really perfect for me because I have mentioned in my previous posts how much I prefer those with matte finishes because it stays on longer. 

As for the color pay off. Well.

I'm not that disappointed with this shade because I can imagine this would look great on smokey eyes. But for day time wear? I'll have to pass. For some funny reason, I just can't stop thinking about Nicki Menaj whenever I have this on and luckily, no one has said that to me yet. I just feel pale and dead wearing this lipstick alone. Maybe if I add a little bit of eye make up, it will look better but that's just too much for school wear, right? I'm pretty sure I'll get to use this properly in the future when I have to attend parties and whatnot. But when worn alone,  it just doesn't go well with my warm skin so you're pretty lucky if you have cool or better yet, neutral skin.

I'm already planning on getting my next Revlon lipstick. If you have any suggestions, just comment down below! :)

The Good Bits: 

  • Locally available 
  • Affordable (Got it for 350php or $8.52 when Watson's went on sale)
  • Doesn't dry out my lips
  • Has a decent staying power
  • It has no overwhelming scent 
The Bad Bits: 

  • Doesn't go well with my warm skin 

Who would you recommend this to? 

  • Those people looking for a lip shade they can partner with smokey eyes or any type of look that requires minimal lip wear. 
  • People with neutral/cool undertones looking for a matte lipstick that doesn't dry out the lips. 

Your Rating: 


How about you? What is your favorite pink lipstick to date? Share your thoughts because I just love learning from you guys! 



  1. I've been loving pink lippies lately too. I got Revlon's mauve and I'm loving it so far. :) I think it's now my favorite. And you're right! Pink is really flattering, as long as you got the right shade that matches your skin tone. I hope you include a picture with your face in it so we can see how the lipstick looks like on you. :)

    1. Hi Ile! I know right?! I generally don't love pink, but when it comes to lipsticks, I'm all about it! Although I haven't tried the mauve one yet, but I will check it out on my next visit to a Revlon counter. Oh and as for that, yes, I will definitely post one soon so watch out for that. Thanks for dropping by!


  2. Love the color but it doesnt look good with braces :'(

    1. Hi Nadine! I don't think this will look bad if you have braces on, just pair it up with an eye make up that is appropriate for you and you'd be good to go. I can't wear this alone as this has the tendency to wash me out (I have fair skin with yellow undertone) so I'm still in the look-out for that HG pink lippie! :) By the way, Thank you for dropping by!


  3. But I think it looks great on your lips! :) I get you though as sometimes shades of pink similar to this makes me look pale and washed out. My favorite color is pink, but I am not a fan of pink lipsticks. I like red lipsticks better! :D Snoe has launched new shades of pink lipsticks, ranging from sheer to rose to fuchsia so I think you'll like it. :)

    1. Hello Ms. Helen! That's why the only lipstick I trust enough (as of now) that won't wash me out is M&co's matte lipstick in Pale Pink. They're a direct selling company but recently they've opened up counters in selected malls. I buy mine in SM megamall just in case you're interested, hehe! I used to be a red lipstick person too but my mom says I look better in pink! Lakas daw maka blooming! Hehe! Oh and thank you for mentioning Snoe! I only saw it on their fanpage on Facebook so I will definitely check them out on my next visit to their counter! Thank you for dropping by! :)