November 22, 2012

Ellana Minerals: Lip & Cheek Tint in Ruby

I'm always on the look-out for a lip tint that has a decent staying power and yet does not dry out the lips. It seems that all lip tints have that tendency to leave our lips a bit dry and lucky for us, that can be remedied by applying balms prior to the lip tint. But what about those who simply do not have that much time to spare in prettifying themselves? Like students, career women, and basically those who are on-the-go? Enter Ellana Minerals Lip & Cheek Tint. 

This product promises to deliver the two things I look for in a tint. Ideally a tint has to be two things:

1. Long Lasting
2. Moisturizing (or at least, does not dry out the lips)

Let's see about that!

The tint itself comes in a 20ml transparent bottle with a pump to dispense the product out. I'm not that psyched with how its packaged because I'm pretty sure they could have done more in that department, but that's fine, for now ts just something to think about. The real deal here is whether this product will deliver or not. So just read on if you want to find out!

There are actually two shades to choose from, but I chose the shade in "Ruby" because I think that will compliment my warm skin better than the other one which is a bit too red for my liking. 

According to Ellana Minerals: 

What it is:
"One of our best sellers. Gives a gorgeous, rosy glow that lasts the whole day. Gives a sheer make up look while moisturizing your skin. Doesn't dry easily, giving you enough time to blend."

How it works: 
Aloe Vera Extracts that soothes and moisturizes 
Fragrance free

When blended out:

The color is leaning towards coral with a slight hint of red to it. It looks very pigmented when blended out but when you try it on your lips, it looks really natural.

So now here are my bare lips for reference: 

And here's how it looks like on my lips: 

This photo is taken immediately after applying the tint. As you can see, my upper lip has not only been covered, it also left it dry. 

The Good Bits:
  • Affordable (180php or $4.38)
  • Locally available 
  • Long lasting 
  • "Ruby" suits those with fair skin with yellow undertones

The Bad Bits: 

  • Drying 
  • Easily stains your fingertips 
  • Can only be removed with soap and water 

Who would you recommend this to? 

  • Women who are looking for an affordable, yet long lasting lip tint. 

Would you buy this again? 

  • I don't think so. And besides, I still have so many lip tints to finish! 
Where can I buy this? 

  • I bought this at The Ramp, Crossings, in Trinoma. For more information on Ellana Minerals, click here.

Your Rating: 


How about you? What is your favorite cheek and lip tint to date? Your thoughts are more than welcome! 

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  1. Not a big fan of lip and cheek tints. I kind of don't like the packaging on this one. Parang medyo messy.

    1. Hi Gellie! Yes, I'm starting to dislike lip and cheek tints too. Ugh! They're so drying and a bit messy to work with. Too bad because I really love this shade in Ruby because it looks so natural on my lips. By the way, thanks for dropping by! :)