August 30, 2012

REVIEW: IN2IT Moisture Intense Lipstick in Berry

Hello ladies and gents! Today's blog would be about In2it Moisture Intense Lipstick in Berry. This is something I just picked out on a whim because aside from their pen eye shadows that I got just because it was 50% off, I don't have anything else from their line. If I'm not mistaken, they're a company from Japan so basically, their products still cater best to Asian women. So anyway.

When it comes to lipsticks, I am both a fan of matte and glossy ones but honestly, I use more matte when I'm in school because it stays longer than lip tints (for me anyway), lipbalms, or any other type of lip product. But I just had to give this a try since the swatches looked promising and all. I first tried the Pink Alarm since the SA told me its currently their best seller in their Moisture Intense Lipstick line, but when I tried it using my lipbrush, it was too pink for my taste. Hence its name, Pink Alarm. So I tried this instead. It looked good on my lips so I bought this instead.

I love that the tube is sleek and more metal made rather than plastic. Its very sturdy and will probably withstand any damage a plastic tube cannot. You can drop it 10 times (or more) and it will still be good as new. I also love the ornaments found on the lower part of the tube. Very chic if you ask me. 

What Moisture Intense Lipstick claims to have/do: 

I love that it doesn't dry out my lips. It has no fragrance too but then I wouldn't mind a little scent here. Another thing is that it has an SPF of 15, so you can bid your lipbalms goodbye because this has the same benefits anyway -- and then some! YEY!

First one is without flash and below is with flash. 

I don't know why it looks rose-y in here but I promise it is more of a red than pink in person. 

This is how it looks like when swatched. 

Here are my bare lips just for reference. 

Here's how it looks like in natural lighting. 

And here's how it looks like with flash. 

What I love about this product: 

<>Packaging is sleek and sturdy<>
<>Affordable at 379php!<>
<>Doesn't dry out my lips<>
<>Has an SPF of 15<>
<>No fragrance<>
<>Can easily be applied<> 
<>Leaves my lips moisturized even after I take it off <>

What I hate about this product: 

<>It has no fragrance at all! I like my lipsticks to have a little bit of scent to them<> 
<>Staying power is very poor (fades easily if you eat/drink)<>
<>Too pigmented for school wear<>
(***Whenever I wear this to school, I pat tissue on it so that it will be a bit toned down) 
<>You might not like this one if you're not into glossy lipsticks, but you can always fix this by doing the above mentioned <>

Will you purchase this again? 

Not anytime soon because I like my lipsticks to be matte (just because of its staying power). 

Who would you recommend this to? 

People looking for an affordable lipstick that can moisturize and protect at the same time.  

My rating: 


Available at Watson's and SM Department Stores

Do check out In2it Philippines by clicking on their fanpage

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  1. Wooow! I love the packaging. I think it’s very compact.
    ~Pauline @Kallony