August 29, 2012

REVIEW: Etude House Shini Star Clear Bb Lotion

Hello girls and boys! In my last blog, I talked about this BB lotion I alternate with my Missha Perfect Cover BB cream for those days when I think my skin needs to breathe. So today, we're going to talk about just that! Its called Shini Star Clear BB Lotion and if you haven't heard of that yet, do check out their fanpage right here.

This product has been getting good reviews ever since it hit stores nationwide which is why I was super happy when I finally got my hands on this cute little thing! Yes, cute is the word to describe it because honestly, I was head over heels in love with its packaging! I just love its color! Koreans really do have a knack for making everything look sooo adorable, don't they? Its packaging is definitely a thumbs up for me. Plus, at 30 g, you can easily tote it around anywhere you go.

Aside from its lovely packaging, the world "lotion" also got me here. Lotion type moisturizers are best for those with oily/combination skin, so I figured this one would cater best to women falling under that skin type. When I saw that its a BB lotion, I was like, "ATTACCCK!" Hahaha. But really, this is my first encounter with a BB Lotion.

When I first used this, I thought it was going to be too light for me since it looked really light on my hands. And there's no way I could return it to EH because it comes in just one shade. But when I applied it on my face, I saw that it matches my skin tone really well. For reference, I have fair skin with yellow undertones so in my opinion this product is good for those who have pink to a slightly yellow undertone.

             See how light it looks like when swatched? But on my face, it looks just about right. :)

The product has a consistency like that of a lotion, making it so easy to spread. The coverage is light-medium. The scent sort of reminds me of a certain body spray I used in high school, just forgot what's it called but I love it anyway! Oil control is pretty impressive, I never thought this would last me a whole day (with touch-ups of course) in school. :) Anyway.

Its great that it comes in a pump because it dispenses just the right amount of product, not too little nor too much. I like that its pump is upside down, that way you wouldn't have a hard time getting the  product out. It only has an SPF of 20/PA** so for people like me living in a tropical country such as Manila, you might want to use a separate sunscreen prior to using this BB lotion. As for the "whitening" part that it claims to do, in my 2 weeks of using this product, I haven't seen any dramatic results, but maybe because I'm already fair to begin with.

Here's my naked face with all my post acne marks really showing. Sorry. I have such a problematic skin, I know.

Don't laugh. I know, I look tired, like I've just woken up or something. Haha! Anyways...this is my face after putting on toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

And here's how it looks like with the BB Lotion on. (and some lipstick, blush on, and brow pencil haha!)

Its has a pretty impressive coverage because it covered those nasty acne marks really well. And note that I did not use any concealer at all. I just topped it off with my favorite powder foundation to set the whole thing. Mostly, what I like about this is that it doesn't feel heavy on the face but still covers my flaws really well.

I'm not sure why the picture above is saturated, but to give you a less saturated one, here's another one..

And no, I do not do photoshops. If you look closely, you can still see some minor blemishes peeking through, so its not completely flawless.

What I love about this product: 

Affordable at P498. Another student friendly product! YEY! :)
Lovely packaging
Covers pores, minor blemishes and  redness
Suits my skin tone
It has a pleasant smell
Easy to carry around (30 g)
Oil control is impressive!
Doesn't take too long to oxidize
Doesn't cake

What I hate about this product: 

A low SPF content (20++)
Doesn't cover major blemishes (you will need a concealer for a completely flawless look)
Might be too light for some as it only has one shade :(

Who would I recommend this to? People looking for a BB Lotion (or cream) that is budget friendly but still does its job really well.

Will you repurchase this? Definitely! I would even recommend! Oh right, I just did. Hihihi.

My rating: A perfect 5/5!

Thank you for reading my blog! See you on the next one darlings!



  1. Great blog dear! Anyway, I wish i have thick brows as yours...tsk

  2. Thank you my first follower! :) I've always had thick eyebrows kasi. :) And when I pluck them, I make sure I don't overdo it. :D

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, it did cover them pretty well! Have you tried this BB cream yet? :) By the way, thanks for following back! :)