August 31, 2012

Ever Bilena Review & Swatches (Pink Flame, Mauvey, Scarlet, Off Beat Pink)

I hate myself for saying this but I have to be completely honest here. I haven't always been a fan of local products because one, I always had this idea that if its locally made, it cannot deliver the results that a high end brand can and two, I had lower expectations for local cosmetics because come on, it can't be that cheap and be just as good as the expensive ones out there! I refused to believe all of its claims but Ever Bilena proved me otherwise. Affordability and effectiveness can both be present in one product! Awesome, right?

I've recently fallen in love with this local brand after trying out one matte lipstick after the other from their matte lipstick line. These little babies definitely lived up to my expectations! No wonder everyone's been raving about this!

From the swatches below, it seems Off Beat Pink is darker than Pink Flame but really, its the other way around. I must have put two layers of OBP for it to be that way. I really don't remember, sorry! Among the four I really love Pink Flame because I like that pop of color it gives me. Its not too pink (like OBP) and not too pale like Mauvey. Scarlet, on the other hand, is also a lovely color of orange and red. Its too pigmented though so I don't think its fitting for school/everyday wear. Its a nice color, just not my cup of tea. 

Here's how Pink Flame looks like. First is with flash, second is w/o. 

Here's how Scarlet looks like: 

Here's how Mauvey looks like: 

And last, Off Beat Pink: 

Pink Flame: This color is leaning towards the combination of pink +red, which I love!. How it will look like on you will vary upon your application so for me, I fix it with a tissue to tone the color down. The result is just perfect for school wear! Love this color and definitely would recommend! 

Scarlet: Scarlet is a very nice color, just not something I'd wear on a daily basis. I've come to notice that not all EB Matte lipstick have the same formulation, some are quite drying, and some are just right, like this one. It doesn't moisturize, but what's important is it doesn't leave my lips looking flaky & dry. But I guess this'll be perfect if you're pegging for a classic pin-up look! 

Mauvey: This color is very nice. Its very simple and perfect for everyday wear because its not as pigmented as Scarlet and other shades from this line. My problem with this though is that when I wear it w/ foundation alone, I don't get the glow I get from wearing Pink Flame. This shade is paler than the actual shade of my bare lips so I guess I'm better off without wearing this! But this is perfect if you are wearing a heavy eye make up or a simple smokey eye and you don't want to look overdone. 

Off Beat Pink: This is also a very nice color, my second favorite color from the line actually. Since I'm a school girl and I don't want to look too made up when I'm going to class and all, I keep everything to a minimum. Like this one. You think just because I said its more of a "candy pink" that you can't wear it on a daily basis? Of course you can! Just remember to pat it with a tissue after application and the result is just puuurfect! Rose-y, natural looking lips! 

I bought this four lippies at Watsons for 145php but I believe they recently upped their price and now they retail at around 155php. Ever Bilena counters are available at all Watson's outlet and SM Department Stores. 

That's it for today! Thank you for reading my blog! See you on the next one darlings! 

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