February 8, 2014

My Thoughts: Palladio Herbal Foundation Primer

In all honesty, I 'm not a primer person. I hate going through that extra step in the morning (or night) when I'll look just as fine without it. I mean, why buy make up that does nothing to your skin, except look cute in your make up pouch? Drugstore or high end, I wouldn't want to waste my money on anything that doesn't seem to  do its job. (ehem Benefit Porefessional)  But looking back now, maybe I just wasn't using the RIGHT primer for my skin type. Maybe I was using something for dry skinned gals when my skin type is leaning towards oily? Or maybe my skin's really crazy and wouldn't take anything silicone-y? 

I have used soo many primers in the past and while some were okay, I simply refuse to settle for anything okay. I wanted something that would really blow my mind away. As in, damn! I'm wearing a full coverage foundation today but it still manages to look like skin all thanks to this new primer I'm using, that kind of feeling. Or, damn! I left the house at 7 am and it's already 8 pm but my foundation is still intact, all thanks to this new primer I'm using - that kind of feeling. I have searched high and low, from Maybelline to Laura Mercier, from Benefit to E.L.F, but all were just meh. Like I said, I wasn't settling for anything okay. For once, I wanted something that would turn out to be worth it. 

I've almost given up on the search for the perfect primer until I came across. 

Palladio... what?! I know, I know. It's not exactly as famous as Maybelline or Revlon and I myself haven't the faintest idea as to why. First of all, I'm not sure whether to call it a drugstore brand because I think it can only be found in specialty stores and not really widely available as of yet. The price is slightly higher than drugstore so I guess you could say it's semi high-end? 

Anyway... did you know that this brand has been around for 25 years already? They're basically famous for putting herbs and vitamins on their cosmetics which is great news for those with uber sensitive skin. Stuff like green tea, ginseng, gingko biloba, vitamin e, and other natural humectants such as Aloe Vera & Chamomile. Palladio claims to be beauty and beneficial. 

My Thoughts: 

Out of all my other primers, this is my definite favorite. For starters, it agrees with my skin which is combination skin leaning towards oily these days because of the ever so humid weather. It also improves my foundation's wear time and for that alone, I'm sticking to this cos isn't that the purpose of a primer after all? If your concern however is to blur out the appearance of your pores, I don't think this'll do much. Also, if your concern is dry skin and you want your make up to go on smoother, I don't think you'll find this of any use at all. BUT! If you have combination/oily skin and you want your make up to last longer if not the whole day, then this one's perfect for you. It is for me. It comes out clear and thick so if you're worried that maybe it would somehow alter the shade of your foundation, then worry not. This primer is as clear as it comes and its purpose is to simply improve the longevity of your make up. 

(Pardon for le hairy hands you guise haha) 

Anyway, I think it's also worth mentioning but last month when we experienced the coldest weather here in Manila I found my skin to be a lot drier than usual. Even on top of a moisturizer, my skin still felt tight and just overall unattractive. I used this primer when I was going through that horrible phase and yes, it didn't look amazing on my skin, not even one bit. It clung to dry patches and felt really uncomfortable on. That said, I don't think this'll work if you have dry to extremely dry skin. I think you're better off using something else a lot more hydrating. Laura Mercier has amazing primers that caters to just about every skin type so I guess that's one brand for you to check out. 

For my skin type, I find this very effective for what it is. I love it and I can't believe it's taken me this long to find out that Palladio makes amazing primers! My original rating would have to be a perfect 5 but since it's not yet widely available in the Philippines, I'm taking one point down. 

Overall, I would recommend this if you have combination/oily skin and if you want your make up to last throughout the day. xx

Where to buy: Beauty Bar, eBay 
Price: 625php ($14) 
Overall Rating: 4/5 

How about you, what's your favorite primer to date? xx 


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