January 30, 2014

Review: Pond's Flawless White BB Cream in LIGHT

When Pond's finally hopped in the BB cream bandwagon & released their own version earlier last year, I wasn't expecting myself to give in considering I still have a bunch of BB creams left to consume. And generally, I'm not Pond's biggest fan,  primarily because I didn't have much luck with their skin care line in the past as it always ends up doing nothing for my skin, basically leaving me with more problems than actual results. But being the BB cream junkie that I am, I knew in myself that I was gonna get this sooner or later.

And so with that I eventually caved in & decided to try the deluxe version first which is priced at 149php because I wanted to see how it's going to fare on my skin before going for the full size. So was it a hit or a miss? Read on to find out!

My Overall Experience with Pond's: 

This BB cream does not feel heavy & icky on the skin, which makes it very ideal for that barely there, natural look perfect for school, meeting your girlfriends for coffee, or running short errands. It's not exactly what I would wear on a night out because aside from the fact that it's not long wearing (and I don't think it's supposed to be) it also does not photograph nicely due to the high spf content. I would, however, wear this during the day when I'm headed to school or when going for a nice stroll in the mall because it feels comfortable on the skin and doesn't look powdery or blotchy at all.

The downside for a lot of people is that it doesn't have much coverage in it, at best medium I suppose. It's enough coverage for me though because I highly prefer a natural look on a daily basis. And I guess that's to be expected, it being a bb cream & all, so if you want a full coverage make up, go for a foundation instead or just use a concealer of your liking. Oh and I think I should mention that you only need a tiny amount of product to cover the whole face every time you use this, otherwise it can already appear too light and just plain unattractive so just be really careful. Don't be overwhelmed by its nice consistency because re-doing your make up is the last thing you would want to do. Speaking of its consistency, it feels very light, very "airy", and just goes on smoothly on the skin. It doesn't cling to dry patches on the skin provided that your skin is well moisturized prior to application of the BB cream.

And now the BB cream in action.

The one on the right is upon application so my face is slightly lighter than my neck, but after a couple of minutes, it adjusts quite decently. 

You can still see some of my flaws peeking through but I kinda prefer it that way because it looks more au naturel. It gives off this healthy looking sheen as well that I would rather go for versus an uber matte finish. For this look, I didn't use any concealer at all. (Pardon the messy eyeliner guys hihi)

What I Like:

Easily Available
Functional Packaging (for the deluxe version that is)
Comfortable to wear
instantly brightens up the face
Gives decent amount of coverage
Does not cling to dry areas
Matches my skin tone decently


Wear time is less than stellar so oily skinned gals, beware. Always finish with a powder of your choice, something like Fix & Matte from Essence. It's my HG finishing powder cos it keeps my oilies at bay for hours! It deserves a more thorough post but in a few words - I seriously cannot live without it. Haha! xx

I'm not expecting this BB cream to be the answer to my prayers but I am YET to see any whitening effects. I enjoy using this as it is though because it really does brighten up my dull complexion.

What I Hate: 

It might be too light for some people but recently they released a darker shade called "Beige" so do check that out if you\re on a fence about trying this product due to the poor shade selection.

TIPS: If you need more coverage out of this BB cream, just pat the product unto the troubled area like you would a concealer instead of smearing it, that way, you get more coverage.

Where to buy: Watson's, All leading supermarkets & department stores nationwide
Price: Deluxe version is priced at 149php ($3.36) the full size is at 299php ($6.73)

Jem's rating: 4/5

How about you, have you tried the not so new Pond's BB+ cream? Would love to hear your thoughts on this one! Share on the box below! xx 


  1. Hi Jemimah!

    Great review! I’ve read reviews about the first Ponds BB Cream from other bloggers but yours is exceptional!

    ~Pauline @Kallony

    1. Aww thank you for the kind words Pauline! xx