June 3, 2013

New Products To Try From Krave Cosmeceuticals!

About more than a week ago, I received a lovely pink loot from Krave Cosmeceuticals containing goodies from both their skin care and mineral make up line. I was thrilled because I know Krave products are specifically designed for oily and acneic skin, which, unfortunately, I fall under. So I guess this package from them couldn't be more timely, huh! The first time I have tried Krave was not more than a year ago but I didn't have a blog then so I wasn't able to review it. A personal favorite of mine and it still is, is their Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator. I love to use it after my bb cream/foundation because it really does keep my oilies at bay! I included it in my Go To Summer Look. Click here for the link!

(I am so sorry for the low quality of photos. I'm only using my phone because my mom borrowed my camera for a trip. Hope you understand!) 

Now going back to the topic on hand... 

They used to be called Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals back in 2011 but just last year they changed it into Krave Cosmeceuticals, also revamping their packaging and adding new and improved products in both of their skin care and mineral make up line. Both of their lines are formulated and manufactured in the USA and they are also an international member of PETA (People of Ethical Treatment of Animals). 

Here are some more photos: 

Arch Precision Eyebrow Definer Kit in Peacan Deluxe - 399php or $9.46

The day that this came in is also the week that I ran out of my favorite brow kit from ELF. I was so worried because I was in the province at the time and the closest ELF counter in our area is at least an hour away from where I live. So imagine my happiness when I got this! Obviously, this is the first one I tried from this loot. But of course, it deserves a more thorough post so do watch out for that! 

Vegie-Lash Mascara - 599php or $14.19

I have only used two mascaras in my life and the first one is from Fashion 21 and the second is from Maybelline. I am not a mascara person and I like to save them for special occasions. Reason for that being is because I live in the tropics and I commute on a daily basis so wearing minimal make up for me is still best! Stay tuned for a review! 

Moisture Visage 6-1 Night Cream 450php or $10.66

You have to smell this cream! It smells heavenly, I swear! Its actually one reason why I look forward to using this cream every night. Review to follow! 

From L-R 
Fruittie Poreless Toner Spray - 399php or $9.46
Cupine Aloepa Facial Wash W/ Mulberry Extract - 465php or $11.02
Triple-P Whitening Mask W/ Witch Hazel - 450php or $10.66

And more products from their whitening and anti aging series! I'm about to run out of my usual toner from Etude House and when I do, I'm definitely trying out the Fruittie Poreless Toner Spray, which by the way, is another product that smells sooo good! I am yet to try both the facial wash and the whitening mask though.

First of all, I love their new look. It looks more cosmopolitan and can be put next to high end brands. I think the packaging can easily be described as a woman's coming of age - a beautiful transition from a sweet and teenybopper character to a sophisticated, elegant, and primed woman. But of course  that's just one thing. At the end of it all, what lies underneath the box carries more weight than anything else. So if you want to find out if these products  from Krave Cosmeceuticals really do walk the talk, wait for my individual reviews! 

That's it ladies and gents! If you want to find out more about this brand or if you want to look for distributors in your area, do click HERE

As always...
-JEM xx


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  2. wow lucky one to receive a krave loot, btw, I haven't tried krave yet but I have one krave product here and I haven't opened it yet. hope it works :)

    1. Hi Eyah! About time you give their product a try! xx

  3. I love Krave's new packaging. Definitely looks better than the old one. :)

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