April 23, 2013

My Go To Summer Look

Hello there guys! So today I decided to share to you my everyday go to look for this summer. This one is really simple and doesn't look make up-y in anyway. Its very natural looking and is also super easy to pull off. Its just enough to make you look more polished and put together. Perfect if you're meeting your girlfriends for lunch or coffee, and since my friends love to take candid shots whenever we're out, I always try to look my best whenever I'm with my crazies! You just never know who's gonna see your pictures, right?! Haha!

Personally, if you ask me, summer look, or any day time look for that matter, should still look like yourself but juuust a bit more enhanced. So when people see you, they'd still recognize you but just see a better looking you. Like you didn't put much effort into looking like that even though you really did! Effortless beauty, like what they always say.

And besides, summer isn't exactly the best time to be sporting heavy coverage make up, right? Unless you have to for a debut, birthday, or a wedding, then by all means, but for something to be worn on an everyday basis? Don't think so! So, let's get started shall we?

So first of all, if you have oily or extremely oily skin, I would definitely recommend you use a make up primer first. Not only will it blur out the appearance of your pores, it will also improve the longevity of your make up. Maybelline has a newly released one called the Pore Erase and some even compared it to Benefit's Porefessional but I can't really say for sure since I am yet to try it, but its by far the most affordable drugstore primer (priced at 299php) out there, followed by Elf's Infused Mineral Primer which retails at 399php. Most primers are silicone based so if you have no issues with it breaking you out, then the ones I suggested are great but otherwise, do a patch test first just to be sure.

Now on to the products I used to achieve this look...

1. Most people like to use concealer after their foundation or bb creams, but I like to do it the other way around. I start out with concealer first because I have super pigmented dark spots caused by acne and I just find that they cover up better that way, and I just like to blend it using my fingers. I love liquid concealers because they're lighter in formula compared to cream type ones and unlike the latter they have less chance of caking up. I'm using the one from L.A. pro conceal in Honey Beige. A little darker than my skin but it blends in really nicely after bb cream.

2. So here I'm using the BB cream from Tony Moly called the Luminous Goddess Aura. Reason why I love it is because it really brightens up my face enough to make me look like I had a good night's sleep, but not so in a way that I look like I have some weird mask on. It comes off really light so blending is key here to make it seem more natural. It also has an spf of 37 to boot so its reallly perfect for day time wear. It has a semi dewy finish, almost powdery actually, so I always finish up with a translucent powder for it to last longer in this extremely hot weather! Read my full review here.

3. I love to use Krave's Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrating Primer as my finishing veil because it doesn't cake and it really improves the wear time of my make up!

4. Next is this brow kit from ELF. I'm not sure if this comes in a lighter color but I have the dark brown if any of you asks. I know this is too much to claim but this is by far my HG brow kit! Alright, I may be getting ahead of myself and to be fair, its the one and only brow kit I've used, but
considering it has withstood this steaming hot weather we've been having almost every single day, its enough to make me claim that much! The kit is a no brainer, and you basically apply the wax first and then seal it with the brow powder. Et voila. Lovely brows for the rest of the day!

5.I like to curl my lashes with ELF's Mechanical Eyelash curler. I've had this since November last year and its been doing a great job ever since. I usually stop at just curling my eyelashes because I have this habit or rubbing my eyes and it almost feels like a reflex to me so as much as possible, I don't wear mascara. But when I do I use the Magnum Volume Mascara from Maybelline which is also really lovely but I wasn't able to include it in the photo above.

6. For the eyes I like to use Prestige's Waterproof Eyeliner. Its great for lining the waterline because the end isn't as pointy or as sharp like that of others I've tried. It may not be smudge-proof but it does stay put for a decent amount of time so long as you don't rub your eyes. I love to line my waterline because it adds just the right amount of drama and doesn't look overdone at all.

7. Now for the cheeks I prefer gel blushes over powder ones because I find that they give a more natural finish. Powder forms tend to look cakey and is almost gone by the end of the day. The one that hasn't left my make up bag since last year is Rucy's Vanity Lip and Cheek tint. I love it because it literally stays on all day! And it has the most natural looking color too, and did I mention affordable? Read my full review here.

8. And last but not the least, for the lips I'm going to use the one from M&co from their Crystal Shine Lipstick line in Peachy Pink. As the name already suggests, the color is leaning towards peach with a hint of pink to it. Peach based lipsticks compliment those who are fair with yellow undertones so this is really just perfect for me. The color isn't too loud either and is simply perfect for the summer!

                                        Gorjas shade you agree?! A real steal at around 179php
                                               if my memory serves me right! :)

DAF OFF NG LOLA MO! Haha! But yes, this is how I usually look like without any make up on. This is after washing my face, using toner, and moisturizer.

And the finished look. ANYARE?! The power of make up nga naman! :) 

And now I'm ready to go out! 

Now that's basically what I wear on most days! How about you? What's your go to summer look?




  1. Very natural looking makeup look :)


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    1. Thank you Laura for your lovely comment! I will definitely check out yours!


  3. aww, im loving the look! so pretty ^_~

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