March 13, 2013

Snoe Beauty Parallel Pigments CC Cream in Wheat

Truth be told, I used to loathe make up cos my mom always told me to veer away from them as they're bad for the skin. She says I don't need them because I'm already beautiful and make up is only for mature skin. And I was 13 or 15 at the time and when it is mom's orders, it is mom's orders. Well, honestly, I didn't really figure that much until college came in and all my dorm mates, classmates, and pretty much all the girls I knew, wear make up and I'm like, wearing a Johnson's baby powder or something. So much thanks to Youtube cos its where I learned the basics of make up. And its for free! But you know that already so not much news right there. 

 So when I started experimenting on make up, one of the few products that got me hooked was highlighters/skin brighteners. I think its cos I watched too much Korean dramas at the time, and I just can't help but be fascinated by the actresses dewy, but never oily, skin. Their signature dewy skin plus just bitten lips are two things I have completely fallen in love with. So today, I want to share to you one of my lovely finds this year. Snoe Beauty's Parallel Pigments CC Cream in Wheat. 

The "subtle glow" got me here, which is why I got the one in Wheat. Fret not because there are other variants of this CC cream so I'm sure you'll find something for your skin. :)
What Snoe Beauty claims:

So in a nutshell, CC creams are not much like foundations with coverage, but more like primers with skin benefits. It evens and corrects your skin tone, boosts the appearance of your make up, and improves your foundation's wear time.


It comes off very white but when blended in it adjusts well enough to my natural skin tone. No white cast or whatsoever (thumbs up!)

Let me show you how it looks on my skin. 

Obviously my skin isn't in tip top shape right now but notice how it toned down the redness going on in my skin. It also brightened up my face so I think if you have good skin, you can get away with just this and a bit of powder on top! 

And here, I put one layer of my Pinkie's Collection foundation. Some of my blemishes are still peeking through but that's because my camera captures even the smallest of details. (In denial pa ako, haha!) But kidding aside, I love the blooming kind of glow it gave to my skin. I never get that when I only have BB cream on so I guess its the CC cream working, eh? 


I think its a great and affordable product. Its my first ever CC cream and I'd have to say, I'm quite happy with it. It indeed gives a very subtle glow as opposed to other skin brighteners I encountered in the past that have obvious shimmers. This, however, is au naturale. And like I said, what you get is the blooming kind of glow which would make heads turn. My only beef about it is the packaging. It could get messy if you're not careful but anyway, overall, its a great product! Not bad for my first ever CC cream! Priced at 399php ($9.84) in stores. 

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  1. I have this and I am super loving it. My favorite is the subtle scent, haha.

    Nice review!

    Micmic's Corner

    1. That makes two of us! Hehe.. I just love it when make up smells like food, in this case, a fruit! It makes application even more fun! xx

  2. thank you so much for sharing!! I have been hesitating whether or not to get this as I haven't seen a review yet but I think I would consider this as I loved the subtle glow it shows on your face! Great review =)

    1. Hi Janet! You definitely should! I think you'll love it din! xx

  3. Interesting. I really need to get my hand on those Snoe products....wala pa ko kahit isa:P My CC Cream is from Nature Republic. Check out my review here:

    1. You should really try this one cos its really something! I haven't tried anything from Nature Republic just yet but I hear good stuff about it all the time. Reading your review now! Thanks!