March 5, 2013

Pinkie's Collection BB/Foundation Review

Hey folks! Today's post would be about this foundation I've been using for about a few months now. I bought this some time in November on a whim because the foundation junkie inside me said so. And also, after trying out one of their lippies which I already reviewed here, I knew I'd be visiting a Pinkie's Collection counter soon.

So when it comes to BB creams or foundations, I prefer those that can go from medium to full, coverage wise, because they are such time savers! Well, I have long accepted the fact that I'm always going to need a concealer if I want a flawless finish, but I'm referring to those days when I want to wear make up and still look human. Ya know, for school wear and stuff wherein you only need to look polished because you're a lady, but not so in a way that its too obvious that you're wearing make up.

This is the shade I got it in: 

And obviously, ze ingredients:

This brand used to be called Pinkie Swear, but later on last year they changed it to Pinkie's Collection because another company in the US has already been named as such. If you've known about this brand for quite some time now and have been using some of their products already, then I don't need to tell you that the products are pretty much the same. Nothing has changed, except the label, of course.

I've been seeing a lot of Pinkies Collection counters lately so if you're not familiar with the brand yet, now's the time to visit a counter!

Now on to the product.


I have nothing bad to say in this department. The packaging is really simple and neat, which is how I would have preferred my bb creams or foundations to be. Its fuss free and straight to the point! I think they're one of those few cosmetic companies who spend very little on packaging BUT more on the product itself. I believe they already updated their packaging so no more sticker labels!


The consistency is rather thick and creamy. Its is easy to spread and finishes off dewy so for oily skinned gals like yours truly, a finishing veil is a must if you don't want this product sliding off on your face after hitting the 2 hour mark. For the consistency that it has, I'd say it is better suited to those who have normal/dry skin. However, I do have an oily/acne prone skin so I make this work by always finishing off with powder. No breakouts so far so yey for that!


I'm not exactly sure how to describe the smell but maybe because its not that bad to begin with. It doesn't have a distinct smell, nor does it have a scent that lingers like Missha Pore Cover bb cream or Skinfood's Peach Sake. But if you do get a whiff of it, it does smell a bit like plastic. Doesn't bother me one bit so I think you're good.


The shade I'm a bit disappointed about. They only have two shades to choose from, one is for pale skinned (light) gals and the other for yellow (dark) toned gals. I am fair skinned but have yellow undertones. See the problem? So I hope they come up with a wider shade range soon! I fix this by using a lighter finishing veil. It does adjust decently enough that my face isn't darker than my neck, but I'm still hoping they release more shades in the future!


I would say medium to semi full, but definitely not full. It is able to conceal minor blemishes but definitely for major ones you're gonna need a concealer.


It stays put for about 4-5 hours, after that there will be signs of it fading. I haven't tried it with primer though because I broke out from it once and since then I swore, NEVER AGAIN. Haha! Well, if you are a primer user and you have no issues of it breaking you out then by all means use one.

Enough talking! Let them pictures do ze talking!

So here's how it looks like upon dispensing the product out.

So just to show you how yellow it is, I decided to put a swatch of my Missha Perfect Cover #23 alongside Pinkie's Collection.

And here's a closer look on the two.

 And because I love you guys, I will show you how it looks like on my skin! I don't usually show my bare skin but because its my way of making it up to all of you, I WILL! Haha! Its not in tip top shape right now so I'm sorry! This isn't for the faint hearted! You've been warned!

But anyway, just to give you a picture of how amazing the coverage is. :D

This is still fresh from application so yeah, its a taaaad bit darker than my neck but its hardly noticeable, noh? Anyways, this is after doing one layer. 

And after two layers! As you can see in the picture below, except for those tiny little bumps that aren't even pimples, I think this bb cream slash foundation did great, coverage wise. LURVE IT! :)

So overall, if you're looking for an affordable drugstore foundation that has decent coverage, this is it! My only beef about this bb cream is that it doesn't have any SPF on it considering that that's the number one thing bb creams should have. Looking at the brighter side of it, that could be a good thing too because you won't look like you have mask on on flash photogs. So I think its better to call it a foundation then? Haha! Whatever! One thing's for sure though, this product is awesome and I can definitely see myself buying another one when I run out!

So how about you, have you tried this amazing foundation yet?! Would love to hear about it if you have! :)


  1. Thank you for the review! It looks like you could use the light shade tho, maybe you should try it if they have testers at the shop ^^

    1. Hi Eva! Yup, I definitely will try the other shade when I run out! :)

  2. im not much in using foundation but i always wear primers =)

    1. I used the one from Palladio but after a couple of days, I started breaking out. Too, tooooo bad because it was a nice primer! -_-

  3. thanks super for such an indepth review! I love how you manage to explain it very detailed! great reviews! ^_~

    1. Hi Janet! Thanks! Since its relatively new in the makeup scene, I figured, why not blog about it! I love it when affordable make up isn't only a bunch of promises and whatnot but does its job too! :)

  4. I should've purchased this one instead of their cream foundation... great review, btw thank you for visiting my blog :D

    1. Thanks! Actually I was supposed to buy the cream version but it was out of stock at the time. Fortunately this worked for me! By the way, thanks for checking out my blog Karla! xx