January 13, 2016

City Color Creamy Lips in Triple Berry Spritzer

What a beautiful Wednesday night. It inspires me to write about something. 

And since I never got a chance to write a single post before the year ended, allow me to greet you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! You know what they say.. Better late than never! That said, I hope you've all had a great time during the holiday season. I had a great time for sure because I got to spend it with the people that matter to me the most. I certainly wish time did not have to fly by so fast in rare times such as that one. It scares me to think that everything moves in fleeting motion nowadays; I think the best way to really enjoy a certain moment, is to just get lost in it. Forget all that's bothering you for a while, every single one of it, and just enjoy the moment while it lasts. You can always go back to being a worry wart later, right? xx

So all those sentiments aside, let's get right into business! On today's hot seat is yet another lip product that I'm pretty sure a lot of you will appreciate. It's none other than City Color's Creamy Lips in Triple Berry Spritzer. I always see this particular brand being sold by so many sellers on Instagram but it was only lately when I gave in & bought a couple of their products to try out.

So the product itself comes in a plastic tube. It comes with a doe foot applicator just like most lipsticks that come in liquid form nowadays. True to its claims, it really is creamy and just glides on my lips evenly. Even if my lips are less than stellar in texture (because they're hella dry like that), this does not enhance them like mad. The texture is very mousse-y & it finishes off satiny so there's definitely going to be a slight sheen when applied. Nothing over the top like a lip gloss but it's there. The smell is slightly off putting, it's like a mix of a citrusy cologne gone wrong with a splash of paint in it somewhere. Smell wise, I'm not its biggest fan but okay fine, I can overlook that. What I cannot overlook is the fact that it transfers to just about anything you make contact with. But then again, even when I use my trusty ole matte lippies, that still happens so not a deal breaker. 

As for the color pay-off, it is a bit darker than my natural lip color, but you'll see in the swatch below that it's actually a very wearable type of brownish mauve with a hint of plum in it. When I do wear this though, I have to make sure that the blush that I have on is slightly leaning on the cool side of the spectrum rather than warm just so they're in sync with each other. 

And finally here is how it looks on me. 

Very simple, very wearable, it's almost as if I didn't wear anything at all. Haha. But kidding aside, it truly is wearable in the sense that it goes well with a bunch of eye make up looks. If you decide to wear it on its own (just like I did below), just make sure you add on a dash of blush and a bit of mascara & eyeliner so as to avoid looking washed out. 

It's still a beautiful shade to me and I would definitely recommend it to a friend or two. 

I give this product two thumbs up! xx

Bought from: Instagram (@cosmetix.unlimited) 
Price: 250php ($5.27) 

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