December 9, 2015

Bedazzled with Mac's Razzledazzler

You know the saying "nothing haunts you like the of pair shoes you didn't buy"?

That is exactly my life in quote, although instead of shoes, I am being haunted by a tube of lipstick (which I loved) but chose not to buy. It's funny because I would talk myself into not needing it, but the next day or over the weekend whenever I am free, I would come back for it and purchase it anyway. At least I could say that I tried, right? Lol.

So today's feature comes from Mac -- a brand that needs no further introduction anymore because it's probably the most well-known brand out there used by make up artists and make up enthusiasts alike. Whenever I feel like I want to widen up my lipstick collection,  the Mac counter is always my first stop.

So the shade that I have today is Razzle Dazzler, a different hue from what I am normally used to wearing but the perpetually curious person in me decided to just go for it, because seriously, why not?

So at the time when I bought this lipstick, I was beginning to get bored with the rotation of the lipsticks that I wear. It's either nude, pink, nude, or pink -- there really isn't much color going on, and it has gotten to the point when I stormed out of the house wearing nothing on my lips because I could not for the life of me, decide on what to wear on my lips for that particular day. You ever get that feeling  too, when you want to sport a different lipstick, but you're not sure if it's going to look great on you, so you just go back to your fail proof lipstick in the end? That was me, literally, so when I got the chance to drop by at  Mac's counter, I decided it was about time I realize that there are millions of other shades out there that isn't pink or nude pink.

So basically, the first time I tried this out, I immediately fell in love with it. I came back for it the next day and used it right away like the excited kid that I am. I don't usually go for these type of colors because like I said, I'm used to pinks or nudes, but this is really something else. It was worth the shot. The color is nothing like I've ever worn in the past -- a sheer (but buildable) orange with a hint of peach in it, making it perfect for my warm skin tone. The finish is lustre so it comes with a slight sheen to it, but it's okay because my perpetually dry lips is loving it. Application is such a breeze because like I said, it is sheer so it's pretty much like applying a lip balm.

I love the fact that the color is so versatile, you can wear it on its own or pair it with an eye make up look of your liking. The way I would normally wear this is with a neutral eye make up look, which you will see below, but on its own it is just as gorgeous. I'd say it's the perfect sheer orange-peach shade for Asians because it really compliments the yellowness in our skin tone.

I don't know why it looks as if I'm about to break into laughter here....Haha.  


Is of lustre finish making it non-drying on the lips 
Compliments a variety of skin tones 
Sheer but can be built up 
Suits a variety of looks 
Easily available 
Functional packaging 


Not long lasting 

Overall Thoughts: 

I adore this lipstick, still, even with its misses that I find to be very minute of an issue to an otherwise lovely lip product. The price point is reasonable because it does last quite a while. The color is versatile, you can use it with a variety of looks, or on its own if you simply cannot be bothered with make up. 

If you can't catch the color from the pictures above, that's because I applied it quite sheer on the lips. The swatch on my arm, however, is as close to its true shade as possible. 

Bottom line is, I'm in love with this shade and I would definitely recommend this to a friend or two. 

Overall Grade: 4.5/5 

So, what do you think of this shade ladies? Is it something that you would buy or nah? Would love to hear your thoughts on this one. Chat me up on the comment's section below! xx



  1. it looks beautiful on you! such a lovely color. i like the fact that it's a versatile orange