October 1, 2012

Nichido True Colors Review/Swatch: Sunkissed, Peach Glow, Cool Rum, Electric Pink

Hello dear followers! How was your weekend? Mine's pretty awesome, and I did blog about that so just in case you missed it, here's a link. So anyhoot, today I want to talk about these blushes from Nichido that I've been using quite a lot of lately. I bought all of them separately but they're super affordable at 88php that you can just haul them at one shopping.

One thing I do love about this is that they all come in a small pot with a transparent lid, where you can easily distinguish which shade you are picking up, as opposed to flip-top ones where you might end up getting the wrong one. Instances wherein you might be in a haste and you end up picking a dark shade that's meant for contouring instead of a simple pink shade for day time wear. What a nightmare right?!  However, even with those good bits being said, one downside to this is that unlike others, this does not come with an applicator. But this isn't a big deal for me because its already so cheap and asking for an applicator is just too much! Plus, you wouldn't have to touch up so often because it has a decent staying power. Unless of course you dive into a pool then obviously, its going to run off! But otherwise, it stays put.

So one of my personal favorite here is Sunkissed. It looks so natural on my cheeks. This is normally how my cheeks look like after a 30 minute jog, which is by the way one way to determine your natural blush. I love that its not too faint nor too pigmented, just right for school wear.

Next is Peach Glow. I also love this color, just not as much as I do Sunkissed. Its too faint for my liking. And for my dull face, (especially lately because I haven't been getting enough sleep), I like my blushes to have a wee bit of color to them. This looks like the tamed version of Cool Rum though so if you love Cool Rum but think its too too for everyday wear, then you'll definitely like this!

Cool Rum. This is a very versatile product! It can double up as a  contour powder or simply a blush on, whichever works best for you. Word of caution, as this is very pigmented, I suggest you apply very lightly. You don't want to look over blushed, now don't you?

Last but definitely not the least, is Electric Pink. Alright, so originally this is meant to be an eye shadow. But I bought it as a blush on out of curiosity. Its slightly cheaper at 68php so I went for it! Among the others, this is my absolute favorite! In fact, this is my everyday, go-to blush on because it makes me look fresh and awake, which is what blushes are supposed to do, right? And since I go to school on most days, I want my make up to look more natural, to look like me but just a little bit more enhanced. Love love this and since it comes in a smaller pot, its much more ideal for travelling!

And here are some gorgeous swatches:

Jem says:

Overall, I love this stuff! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a decent yet affordable blush-on! And also, they have a lot of shades to choose from so I'm pretty sure you'll find something that will work for you.

So there you go. Thank you for reading my blog.
See you on the next one, alright?

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    1. Oh I love them too! I love that Nichido products are very student friendly! Thank you for dropping by! :-)